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Welcome to
The first 'total solutions' online exchange for the FMCG industry
Monday 20 October 2014


Creating an offer

Sellers can upload their offers to the exchange by completing the create offer form or via the Member Centre. As emarket connects real time to the Global Data Sychronisation Network and the GS1 Global registry, this process is simplified further by use of GTIN (EAN, UCC) codes. The emarket support team is pleased to help and is on hand to assist with bulk uploading of offers.

Sellers set the selling price of the item, location, and other key packaging and logistics information needed to process the offer. Advanced offer options allow sellers to restrict the visibility of their offers by country or type of buyer. The advanced filters enable sellers to have full control on who sees their offer and are able to target specific market segments.

Landed Cost

Emarket has developed a sophisticated algorithm which enables pricing to be displayed on a delivered basis and is personalised to each member. A seller uploads their offer on an EXW basis and all other members see offers in their currency and language of preference and the price is determined according to transport mode, distance, lead time delivery and includes all duties and taxes giving a final landed cost with no further calculations required.


Advanced navigation tools make finding an item on the exchange incredibly easy. The site can be navigated using the Browse Category menu or the Advanced Search to pinpoint an exact product type. For example members can search by product category, item name, lead time and price and can filter based on a number of item attributes. Emarket's intuitive system recognises members' areas of interest and suggests offers of most relevance to them.

Alerts & Enquiries

Buyers can set alerts to be notified by email of offers and specific pricing on certain brands or types of products. Buyers can also send out requests for products they wish to source.


Once a deal is confirmed emarket will manage the complete transport of the goods from the sellers depot to the buyer location. Emarket manages Full Truck Loads as well as Pallet loads as part of our groupage service and utilises a number of transport modes including road freight and short and deep sea containers. Emarket's early focus is Europe however we are able to service all major ports in the world.


Every delivery involves an inspection of goods at one of our Quality Platforms. The severity of inspection is determined by the items, value and seller. The cost of this is included in the price displayed on the offer. Emarket utilises the services of Bureau Veritas to ensure complete security and peace of mind.

Payment & Credit

emarket facilitates the payment from buyer to supplier and acts as the principle in contract between both parties. There are a host of convenient payment methods available and as emarket has bank accounts in all countries in Western Europe we are able to utilise many local payment methods such as ideal and giropay. Integration into the Swift network and real time foreign exchange further optimises the payment process and ensures speedy transfers.
Credit terms are available to members subject to status

Marketing & Promotions

Through emarket sellers can target specific geographic locations or particular formats with specialised promotions, vouchers and offers.

Business Development

emarket provides its Premium members with a personalised Business Development Manager (BDM) who is focused on helping the member realize their objectives. Whether it is leveraging certain contacts in the industry, helping to drive sales, or source the best spot deals ' the BDM is sure to create value.

Welcome to!
The exchange has been developed to create and facilitate secure, real-time trade amongst our members. We hope you find it beneficial. We will strive to offer the best possible functionality and service and to continually improve. We appreciate your support and welcome all feedback.

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