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Friday 31 October 2014

Press Release – Sep 04, 2009

Emarket will change the FMCG industry

London, August 25, 2009 - The FMCG industry has been somewhat shielded by the traumas being faced by the financial world, and has the potential to drive the euro zone into a recovery.

The FMCG market is worth €1trn in Europe alone and there is a massive amount of trading activity that takes place on a spot basis i.e. outside of long term contractual arrangements. One major limiting factor to growth is that the FMCG market is so fragmented - well over 500,000 actors in W. Europe. There is no quick, cost effective method to connect and trade with other companies in the industry, resulting in a lot of missed opportunity and inefficiency. aims to explode the barriers to trade and make it quick and easy for companies in this space to trade globally. could be the shot of adrenaline needed to pump life back into European exports.

emarket is all about connecting companies in order to multiply opportunities to do business. Suraj Sharma CEO of emarket says, "the industry is fragmented and information tends to move slowly - with emarket 90% of the processes are automated - where before it might have taken a buyer a week to research a certain type of product and hunt around for quality information and pricing now they have it seconds at a click of a button. There are tremendous opportunities to increase top line sales, cut costs and reduce operational inefficiency".

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