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Friday 31 October 2014

Pro Wholesaler - September 2009

All in one trading system launched

A new online trading system that will enable wholesalers to buy and sell across Europe will be launched next month. will enable wholesalers, producers and retailers across Europe to trade stock online, in real time, in wholesale quantities. The system also arranges door-to¬door delivery, inspection of goods at 17 cross docking warehouses across Europe, pricing, payment and credit on a Europe-wide basis.

Ravi Sharma, marketing director of emarket, said: "Our aim is to seamlessly connect the entire supply chain so companies can trade with each other in just a few clicks."

He said emarket was able to display prices on a delivered cost basis personalised to each member, including applicable taxes and duties.

He added: "The ability to find the best price and best value on products from across Europe in a few clicks is extremely compelling. "

Millennium Wholesale, which operates a 60,000sq ft cash and carry in Barking and a 120,000sq ft distribution depot in Esssex, has signed up to emarket. Operations director Shyam Lakhani said: "From what we've seen this is the next big thing. It is definitely worth giving it a go."

A six-month free trial is being offered by emarket to eligible companies that sign up before October 30. To connect to the marketplace go to


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